Project Description

Michelle took part in the Cape Classic Polocrosse 2017 and was presented WP U/16 Colours.  Well done Michelle….We are all proud of you!Michelle Polocross-10 Michelle Polocross-102 Michelle Polocross-96 Michelle Polocross-89 Michelle Polocross-88 Michelle Polocross-84 Michelle Polocross-83 Michelle Polocross-82 Michelle Polocross-81 Michelle Polocross-80 Michelle Polocross-79 Michelle Polocross-78 Michelle Polocross-73 Michelle Polocross-72 Michelle Polocross-71 Michelle Polocross-65 Michelle Polocross-62 Michelle Polocross-61 Michelle Polocross-59 Michelle Polocross-58