Project Description

Anthea WWW-4

This beautiful, fun loving family reunited over the festive season in Saldanha Bay. Whilst busy photographing them, I could just feel the love that these brothers, sisters, husbands and wives have for each other. Bless you all for making this shoot so much fun.

Anthea WWW-161 Anthea WWW-156 Anthea WWW-152 Anthea WWW-147 Anthea WWW-138 Anthea WWW-126 Anthea WWW-116 Anthea WWW-113 Anthea WWW-110 Anthea WWW-104 Anthea WWW-99 Anthea WWW-54 Anthea WWW-55 Anthea WWW-72 Anthea WWW-75 Anthea WWW-84 Anthea WWW-88 Anthea WWW-53 Anthea WWW-28 Anthea WWW-16 Anthea WWW-9 Anthea WWW-4