Project Description

Koekedoor Murray Pienaar is one of the contestants on KykNET’s Koekedoor, Channel 144 on Thursdays.  Meeting Murray and doing the shoot with him made me realize, again, that……..I get to live…….laugh…… and take photographs all at the same time, and it is my job.  I love it!!  Murray is truly passionate about baking and I must say……….these biscuits in the photographs are truly amazingly yummy.  I wish you all the best for your journey ahead in becoming the best baker we have ever come across.

Murray Pienaar-2


Murray Pienaar-4

Murray Pienaar-8

Murray Pienaar-19

Murray Pienaar-23

Murray Pienaar-28

Murray Pienaar-31

Murray Pienaar-46

Murray Pienaar-48

Murray Pienaar-53

Murray Pienaar-59

Murray Pienaar-62

Murray Pienaar-67

Murray Pienaar-86

Murray Pienaar-92

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Murray Pienaar-105

Murray Pienaar-109

Murray Pienaar-117

Murray Pienaar-120

Murray Pienaar-123